Situated at the foot of the jagged peaks of the "Dentelles de Montmirail" range, our vines (with an average age of 50 years) cover 15 hectares and 4 different geographic appellations:

Gigondas – 7 hectares
Vacqueyras – 5 hectares
Côtes du Rhône – 2 hectares
Vin de France (French table wine) – 1 hectare.

The cultivation of our vines is undertaken with great respect for the environment, and the vines are therefore treated only when it is strictly necessary (rather than systematically).

The harvest is entirely manual, and the grapes are sorted by hand in the vineyard. The legacy, passed down through four generations, of a passion for vines and wine.

After a century of tireless toil and endeavour in the vineyard, Sébastien PALON, heir to this legacy, at last fulfils the family's dreams of producing their own wines.

The story begins with his great grand-parents, Valérie and Léopold PALON, wine growers in Gigondas [in the 1930s ??].

It continues with Jean PALON, his grandfather, co-founder of the Gigondas Co-operative Wine Cellars and member of its governing board from 1956 until 1978.

Therafter his father, Jean-Pierre PALON, is President of the Gigondas Co-operative Wine Cellars from 1978 until 2001.

Finally Sébastien PALON creates his own winery in 2003 and becomes wine grower and producer ("Propriétaire Récoltant").

This inherited passion flows through Sébastien's veins as it now flows through his wines, as enduring as an imprint in the limestone rocks of our "terroir".